Introducing PAKSHIELD: Your Shield, Your Safety, Your Peace of Mind

Introducing PAKSHIELD: Your Shield, Your Safety, Your Peace of Mind

With over 160 mass shootings in the United States as of mid-April, we understand that going about your day-to-day routine can sometimes feel uncertain. Whether sending your children off to school, commuting to and from work, or traveling somewhere new, you and your loved ones deserve to feel safe and protected.

PAKSHIELD is a ballistic-stopping backpack insert that gives everyday people like you an extra boost of confidence, knowing they have an added layer of protection by their side. With PAKSHIELD, you can feel empowered to enter the world with a renewed sense of security and peace of mind.


A Closer Look at PAKSHIELD

While ballistic panels are not new, our team wanted to make a difference and shake things up. We recognized that existing options on the market are often expensive, putting safety out of reach for many. So we decided to take a fresh approach, focusing on affordability without compromising quality. By making PAKSHIELD more accessible, we can ensure that more people can experience the peace of mind that comes with having an extra layer of protection in their bags.

Picture this: affordable, lightweight, durable and oh-so-stylish protection that fits into your backpack, messenger bag, carry-all or even your fancy briefcase. That is the PAKSHIELD difference. And our insert is made from high-quality, repurposed, and recycled unidirectional ballistic materials.

With PAKSHIELD in your bag, you can go about your daily routine knowing that you and your loved ones will have an extra layer of protection if something terrible happens.

A Problem Facing Our Society

At PAKSHIELD, the desire to make a difference is deeply rooted in our hearts. While some of us travel frequently and would undoubtedly benefit from the product ourselves, our main concern lies in safeguarding our families.

Many of us have children of our own, young family members and educators in our lives that we care about and worry about their wellbeing. It seems as though every day, we hear about yet another act of gun violence, often in schools where young people are just trying to learn. Their greatest concern should be what grade they got on their test or what they will order in the cafeteria for lunch - not gun violence.

The Inspiration Behind PAKSHIELD

Recognizing our limited ability to eradicate gun violence, we felt compelled to take action to enhance the personal safety of our loved ones. This motivation led to the creation of PAKSHIELD. Upon observing the availability of similar products on the market, we realized that they varied greatly in price and quality. Jim Trotter, President of PAKSHIELD, questioned the affordability. "How can individuals be expected to afford inserts that carry price tags in the hundreds of dollars while they struggle to meet basic needs like putting food on their tables," he said.

Drawing from our expertise in recycling ballistics, we considered the possibility of significantly reducing costs while making the product accessible to a larger demographic. We recognized the substantial costs and environmental toll associated with manufacturing new materials stemming from the extensive energy consumption and pollution generated during the process. Armed with a general vision, our next step was to determine how to transform this idea into reality.

The Prototyping Process

Creating the first PAKSHIELDs was a time-consuming process that involved extensive testing. Our initial challenge was selecting the right materials. It's worth noting that there are numerous options for ballistics, and we needed to make the correct choice. Eventually, we discovered a solution by identifying high-quality material that had previously been discarded and could not be recycled.

Subsequently, we devised a method for carefully selecting the finest examples of recycled material and developed a layering process. After careful consideration, we determined that the NIJ IIIA standard was the most suitable, as it offered excellent durability without requiring special licensing or significantly increasing the weight. After countless hours of layering and rigorous testing, we successfully created the core of the first PAKSHIELD. This prototype met our chosen NIJ IIIA standards and weighed less than 1.5 pounds.

The next step involved making aesthetic decisions. We have always believed in the power of simplicity, so we sewed a water-resistant, rugged outer sleeve in various colors around the PAKSHIELD prototype. After further testing, we were confident we had developed an exceptional product that would provide additional protection and peace of mind.


After successfully developing working prototypes, our focus shifted to the crucial phase of scaling production. While we were capable of producing batches in the thousands, we anticipated that the demand for our product would soon surpass our current production capacity. We embarked on an exciting journey to tackle this challenge by launching Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

However, this phase presented its own obstacles as we encountered some serious issues with both platforms. Nevertheless, we remained determined and resilient throughout this ordeal.

If you're curious about the story of our crowdsourcing journey and the challenges we encountered, we invite you to delve deeper into our experience here.


Where We Are and Where We're Headed

Despite encountering challenges, we have successfully overcome them and are now fully capable of meeting the required production quantity. We are delighted to inform you that we are currently accepting preorders for our PAKSHIELD, with delivery scheduled for the beginning of the upcoming 2023 school year this fall.

To secure your PAKSHIELD, click here and proceed with the preorder process. By doing so, we can work together to ensure that everyone has the chance to pack some protection and Pack Some Peace of Mind.



PAKSHIELD LLC is a manufacturer of a high-quality personal protective device with ballistic stopping power designed to be used in the event of an active shooter occurrence. It can be easily and discreetly inserted into a backpack or other bag.

At PAKSHIELD LLC, we believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure, and we are proud to offer a device that can help provide that peace of mind. The PAKSHIELD personal protection device is just one example of our commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about the PAKSHIELD device, please visit or contact us directly. We look forward to helping you protect what matters most.

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